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Letters are an effective way of communicating with your elected officials. Many legislators believe that a letter represents not only your position but the position of other constituents who did not write. You can make a difference by bringing attention to an issue and by thanking your Council Member for their time and help on an issue important to you.

  • Keep it Brief: Your letter should be no more than one page and limited to one issue. 

  • Address Your letter:  Dear Honorable Council Member (insert name).  

  • Opening Statement: Tell your Council Member who you are, the reason you are writing, and what you hope they will do. Mention that you are a constituent.

  • Body of Your Letter: State your most important point(s) that will effectively persuade your Council Member to support your position. Explain why this issue/legislation matters by including personal stories, stats, and research to support how this issue affects you, your family, or community. Be concise.

  • Your Closing: Make your ask. What do you want them to do? Be specific, but also be polite. Your communication will be more effective if you are polite in your approach.

  • Your Signature: Include your full name, full address, email, and phone number.

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